Tool manufacturing

We primarily deal with the design and manufacture of injection molding and cutting tools designed by us. However, we undertake the maintenance / overhaul of ready-made tools and the repair of injection molds. The manufactured tools can be tested at our injection molding plant, making the final phase of tool manufacture simpler and shorter. We also undertake the manufacture / maintenance of the following tools:

  • Precision tools
  • Thermoplastic and thermosetting injection molds Family molds
  • Aluminum injection pressure molds
  • Cutting/bending/pressure molds
  • Prototype molds

Due to our desire for continuous improvement and the ongoing development of our machinery, we are able to satisfy all of the various injection mold demands for different areas of use, from the smallest plate size up to a plate size of 1600 x 800 mm. Our activities have expanded into injection molding as well, and therefore we offer a full range of metal and plastic industry  solutions to our Customers.

Tool and mold design

  • Technical design is performed by four full-time design engineers using Solid Edge software and in constant consultation with our clients.
  • CNC technology is employed using EdgeCAM and NX software by three employees who have a great deal of experience in CNC machining.
  • We use HASCO, Meusburger, and Ramsaier standards but we also apply standards that suit our clients’ needs. Upon request, we gladly provide consultation services for issues related to injection molding.

3D scanning

Small and medium-sized plastic or metal parts 3D digitization with COMET L3D 5M digitizing system and InnovMetric Polyworks inspection and reverse engineering software

  • Complex quality control: Verify product quality by comparing manufactured parts to CAD designs
  • Reverse Engineering: Create CAD models of real parts to capture lost designs, update existing products and make new ones

Plastic injection moulding simulation

We undertake injection molding simulation with Modelx3D softver for plastic parts and for tool design sas well.

  • Filling analysis
  • Warpage analysis
  • Expected weld line discovery
  • Cooling channel analysis
  • Re-examination of the planned injection point from the point of view of expected filling

Repair and maintenance

We undertake the production of mold parts from normal and hardened raw materials on short notice. We also undertake the maintenance of molds, manufactured by us or ready-made, as well as the production of parts subject to wear on short notice. We are also happy to help in the eventual modification or modernization of molds.


  • Machining is performed on traditional CNC milling and turning machines with guaranteed high accuracy.
  • Heat-treated and hard metal parts are machined on our electrospark and wire electrospark machining equipment.
  • We undertake the machining of aluminium, plastic or steel parts produced in small series

Our machines

Milling machines:

EMCO E900 CNC machining centre 900x600x500 mm
ENSHU S400 CNC machining centre 450x650x450 mm
Fehlmann 60-M CNC machining centre 505x355x610 mm
Fehlmann 900HSC CNC machining centre 700x500x500 mm
HAAS EC-1600 Horizontal machining centre 1626x1270x813 mm
HAAS VF – 5/40 CNC machining centre 1270x660x635 mm
Mazak VARIAXIS i-700 5 axis CNC machining centre 630x1100x600 mm
Spinner VC1020 CNC machining centre 1020x610x610 mm
Spinner MVC1600 CNC machining centre 1600x800x600 mm
TOS FNGJ40 A Milling machine 600x400x400 mm
THYEL Milling machine 200x400x300 mm
HECKERT FU 400 Milling machine 400x950x350 mm
SZIM ME1000 Milling machine 200x900x250 mm

Turning & Lathe machines:

Mazak TURN 300MY CNC Slant Bed Turning Centre 270x160x1280 mm
NCT EEN320 CNC Turning Machine 320×750 mm
ROMI C420 CNC Turning Machine 450×600 mm
SZIM E2N Lathe 250×500 mm
SZIM E3N Lathe 300×700 mm
SZIM E400 Lathe 400×900 mm

EDM machines:

AEG Elbomat Electrical discharge machine 500x400x300 mm
SODIC AQ55R Electrical discharge machine 0550x400x350 mm
SODIC AD30L Electrical discharge machine  320x200x250
SODIC AQ535L Wire-cut electrical discharge machine 550x350x300
SODIC AQ535L Wire-cut electrical discharge machine 550x350x300
SODIC SL400G Wire-cut electrical discharge machine 400x300x250
SODIC K1C Small hole electrical discharge machine 300 mm

Grinding machines:

GERI Surface grinding machine 1000x350x500 mm
Optimum PFG DL3060 AH Surface grinding machine 600x450x300 mm
ZIERSCH Z24 Surface grinding machine 400x300x200 mm
Spinner Tool grinding machine
SZIM KU250 Cylindrical grinding machine 250×800 mm

Band saw machines:

BEKA-mak BMSY 540CGH Band saw 0° – O540
BOMAR Ergonomic 340 275DGH Band saw 0° – O278

Laser welding machines:

Vision LWI IV. Laser welding machine
ALPHA LASER AL-T-500 Laser welding machine 490x400x350+400

Other machines:

TUS 90 Spotting press 100t

Measuring machines:

Micro-hite Height gage 600 mm
Micro-hite Height gage 400 mm
Mitutoyo 3D Coordinate measuring machine 500×400×400 mm
Schröder Hardness tester
COMET L3D 5M 3D scanner  100x100x100 mm & 250x250x250 mm
MarVision MM 420



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